Matereal leverages breakthrough chemistry and AI to detoxify and decarbonize the plastics in everything from fashion to housing.

Our first chemical platform, Polaris™, is a biobased and renewable alternative to polyurethane. Polaris™oins the benefits of traditional polyurethane – versatility, durability, affordability – with modern chemistry and AI to remove petrochemicals and isocyanates from consumer products, starting with textiles and their coatings.

Polaris™ can be applied from solution or by melt on standard machines, is produced using commercially available feedstocks and equipment, and captures CO2, so there’s no limit to our scalability and potential impact. Polaris™ includes flexible end-of-life solutions, enabling our partners to choose between recyclable or biodegradable options. Our plug-and-play solutions are priced competitively and easy to use, enabling our partners to stay ahead of sustainability trends and regulations.

Leveraging our AI capabilities, Matereal works directly with brands and consumer product manufacturers to rapidly develop polymer formulations tailored to their unique specifications while ensuring the verification of product origin with fully traceable feedstocks.

Learn more about Matereal’s innovative and competitive Polaris™ platform by exploring our website or submitting a request on our Contact page.

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